Photographers never stop learning.

“I wish I could take better photographs”

I’ve heard that at nearly every wedding I’ve captured. Here’s the thing; I love taking pictures. It’s not a 9-5 job where I switch off and leave the camera in the office. I shoot for fun all the time! But part of the reward is that I’m always developing as a photographer, which I find really exciting.

I’m not a landscape photographer. I don’t shoot products either. I’ve dabbled in the occasional lifestyle shoot but I certainly don’t mix it up in the studio with 20 different light modifiers. But I do take an awful of a lot of images.

I make my living from photographing real people in real situations, so outside weddings I use street photography to keep my eye honed (some examples of which you can check out further down), but I’ll capture just about anything that I find interesting.

My aim isn’t to make you the next Ansel Adams but I’d love to help anyone out there learn how to take better photographs. The principles I can help you to learn are applicable to any style of photography you might be interested in.

Prices start from £25 per session over a 5 session beginner-course, or £35 for a one-off session. Take a look below for more information.


I love to both teach and shoot street photography. It can be a wonderful peek into the absurdities of everyday life. Real people, doing their thing, being themselves. There’s so much to capture with this genre and it’s so incredibly accessible – you don’t have to travel to some exotic far away land (although brilliant if you can!), it’s right there on your doorstep.

Humour, intrigue and fun juxtapositions are the name of the game for me here. “Street” always carries over so well into my wedding photography and has very much shaped the way I approach an event, all of which I’d love to talk through with you in a session.


Another “style” I like to shoot and teach is family photography. This isn’t what many photographs call “family photography” – it’s not about staged portraits for me. It’s really just capturing those people who are incredibly special to you, exactly as they are. Not saying cheese and staring uncomfortably down a lens, but being themselves. I don’t have a big family, and have no kids of my own. But my little family is the best thing in the world to me; being able to capture that is a joy.

It’s the most rewarding photograph you can take, and I’d love to spend a session with you sharing my approach on this.